Frequently Asked Questions

I have never done yoga before, do you have suitable classes?

Yes, absolutely! We welcome beginners with very open arms (but only if you like hugs, we're also very aware of consent to touch which sometimes is forgotten in the yoga world.) You can join a 6 week Absolute Beginners Course to get a really solid introduction, or come along to any class mentioning beginners are welcome, labelled "Beginner Friendly" or "all levels". Just come to class 15 minutes early if you can to let us know if there's any issues we might need to be aware of and to get you set up!

I am not at all flexible, can I even try yoga or am I doomed to failure?

Everyone who ever studied yoga started as a beginner, and many people are not naturally flexible - it's something that develops with time and practise (like almost anything else!). We use bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps and modifications to make yoga accessible for all levels of flexibility.

Should I eat or drink before I come to class?

You should come to class on an empty stomach but not hungry. It is best not to eat anything heavy 1-2 hours before the class. You can bring a water bottle with you, and feel free to take sips of water during class if and when you need. Tea and water are available after class in the studio if you'd like to spend a few minutes winding down!

I don’t have anything to wear!

I never do either, hahaha! Honestly, you really don’t need special yoga outfits, but you do need to be comfortable and able to move freely. Yoga or track pants, or if you're comfortable, shorts in a stretch knit will all be great, and just wear a comfy tshirt! You don't have to wear anything skin tight if it makes you self-conscious, but I will say you will find it easier to move if you do wear tight fitting stretchy clothes, and nobody will be judging you at TFD - this is a space all about functional yoga, and as long as you're getting benefit from your practise, what clothes you are wearing doesn't really matter beyond facilitating movement rather than restricting it.

Do I need to bring my own mat or anything else?

TFD provides all mats and yoga props needed at no extra cost, but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you would prefer. Our mats and props are all high quality and some are so new they are still a little slippery!

I am quite curvy, will I be comfortable?

We have several teachers with a few extra pounds (yes it is possible to be a yoga teacher with curves!) and we do our best to be mindful of bigger bodies' needs and will provide appropriate poses and modifications where necessary. Our classes are made up of all sizes and shapes of human!

What if I have an injury or condition that might affect my ability to participate?

If you have a specific medical condition or injury please consult your doctor first and inform your teacher before class begins. Yoga can help you to heal more quickly and safely from a recent accident, injury or surgery, but you need to listen to your body, be sensitive to recent injury and not overdo it. It may be useful to arrive early to discuss any issues with the teacher, who can suggest modifications, or may suggest that a particular class may not be ideal.

If you suffer from chronic pain, we suggest you start with a pain-friendly class such as Gentle Yoga or Yoga for Relaxation.

What if I am pregnant?

Please check with your obstetrician to make sure you do not have any complications and are cleared for yoga, and which stage/s of your pregnancy you are cleared for. Then come along to one of our prenatal or pregnancy friendly classes - any classes that mention pregnancy are held by teachers who have training and knowledge to ensure your safety.

What should I expect classes to be like?

We usually begin classes by getting everyone set up with a mat (provided at no cost or byo if you prefer) and several props, so you are ready for all kinds of possibilities. Depending on the class type there may be more active or more gentle sequences in the main body of the class, but most classes will begin with a warm up of gentle movement and end with a 5-10 minute relaxation known as shavasana ("corpse pose" in sanskrit!). Read the class descriptions or ask us via email at info@tofufordolphins.com if you aren't sure which classes might suit you best!

Do you offer individual classes?

If you prefer individual attention and a session tailored just to you, we can offer private one-on-one sessions. Just email us at info@tofufordolphins.com and ask! Costs may vary depending on length of class and teacher, but are usually between $60 - $90 for a 1 hour session.

I've booked, what do I need to do before coming in/on the day?

Thanks for booking! Please wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to bend your elbows, knees, and spread your legs wide. Try to arrive at class about 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time - 15-20 minutes if it is your first class with us as we will need you to fill in a student registration. The address is 470 Victoria St, North Melbourne. We are on the 57 tram route (get off on corner of Errol & Victoria Sts) and there is free 2 hour street parking in front and near the studio as well as a dedicated car park across the road. Please email us at info@tofufordolphins.com with any questions or concerns.

December 26, 2015