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So you might have heard,  there's an election happening on July 2.

May 10, 2016

Your own Personal Guru?

It's a new month! And that means it's GOTH YOGA this Friday!

This month's theme is one of the mainstay bands of any Goth club, the ever-dancefloor-filling DEPECHE MODE. Our flyer this month features a still from a DM concert which itself features appropriately contortionist images, hah! Come down at 6pm Friday 6th May for a 75 minute session filled with your favourite DM tracks (amongst others of course) and lots of stretchy goodness! Present flyer either printed or on your phone, for discount entry!

May 3, 2016

New trial membership offering - 1 month for $50!

Tofu for Dolphins Poster

We've had some feedback from students during our first fledgling months, and based on this feedback we are changing our trial membership offering! A number of students have told us they haven't felt the 10 days was enough time to experience a range of classes and to begin to develop a consistent yoga practise or "get back in the habit". Thus we are changing from $20 for a 10 day trial ($2 per day), to $50 for a 1 month trial (only $1.60 per day, and so many more of them!)

April 28, 2016

Goth yogis of the world, unite!

Got a bit of a surprise this evening when we discovered one of our literally just-posted posters in the window for next month's Goth Yoga class had gone viral. Expecting some extra visits as a result, so, bit of a recap for those just tuning in: Goth Yoga is a monthly class held every first Friday of the month, from 6pm to 7.15pm, in North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

March 25, 2016

It's hip to be Square; + holiday schedule!

Hey TFD folks! Letting you know a couple things:

Firstly, as of today we are now running our studio card payments through Square, which just launched their physical payment system in Australia 2 weeks ago (that's the Square logo up there, if you haven't seen it before)! This system can currently only process credit and debit cards though so please make sure you bring cash to classes if you don't have either of these card types (or just book online!)

March 21, 2016

Irish Yoga tonight for St Patrick's Day! Gold coin entry if you come in green =)

Happy St Patrick's Day! At TFD we probably won't be practising QUITE like the attached image, but we would like to wish the very best of national celebrations to the character from which our studio name originated, Mr Bernard L Black. To add a bit of fun, if you come to any class today dressed in green, you'll only have to pay a GOLD COIN to attend! Our schedule for this evening is 4.30pm Gentle Yoga, 6pm Beginner's Course, and 7.15pm Yin Journey. (which will be Irish-themed!) To be sure, to be sure!

March 17, 2016

Goth yoga theme for this month: The Cure!

. .. aaaaaand it took me a while, but I've finally decided on the theme for this month's Goth Yoga.... The Cure! Come down this Friday 6pm for a bunch of gothy tunes and stretchy goodness, and yes, we will definitely play Friday I'm In Love! You can book online or just come on the day =)

March 2, 2016

Goth yoga: restoring faith in humanity

Received this in an email the other day.... haha! We are glad to be of service!

#gothyoga #melbourneyoga #NorthMelbourne #newstudio #tinyyogastudio #bodypositiveyoga #yogafornonyogis #yogaforeveryone #yogaforlife #restoringfaithinhumanity

March 1, 2016

THREE new classes and TWO new teachers this week!

Such excitement! We have three new classes running for the first time this week, and two wonderful new teachers joining us.

Great first evening class for Kara; a special yin yoga tonight with Cass!

Kara had her first evening class last night and it was fantastic! Here she is leading the class in Warrior II pose, a great pose which increases strength while stimulating the abdominal organs. This pose is named for Virabhadrasana, a fierce warrior and incarnation of Shiva, said to possess a thousand heads, eyes, and feet, wearing a tiger's skin. I think she looks just a little bit like that, don't you? ;)

February 11, 2016