Classes at Tofu for Dolphins will generally be more gentle, relaxed and beginner-friendly. We also LOVE YIN and even have a choice of yin styles to choose from if you're a passionate yinster!

Check below for our weekly schedule and the bottom for class descriptions. Some classes in the description section may not currently be offered but please enquire if you are really keen on a class not on the schedule and if we get multiple requests, we will look at adding it back into the timetable! You can easily add classes directly into your own calendar as we use Google Calendar. Never forget a class again!

Classes may be booked via our online booking system or just turn up and pay on the day. You can purchase class cards both in person and online, but classes for class cards purchased online can only be booked online, while classes with an in-class purchased class card can be booked online or in person. Trial memberships can be purchased in class or online, and can be used both in class and for online booking in advance (if purchasing in person please ask if you'd like to book online in future so we can set that up for you!).

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Class Descriptions

Absolute Beginners Course
Next start dates:
Hatha Yoga ABC for Beginners Monday 12 February 2018 (6.15pm-7.30pm)
Thai Yoga ABC: TBC
Beginner Course: 6 week course, paid in advance. Two styles: Thai Yoga Beginners (6 week course, $50) and Hatha Yoga Beginners (6 week course, $80)
A great introduction to yoga for the complete novice or someone who wants to gain a further understanding of the fundamentals of yoga. Each week we will introduce a new selection of basic yoga postures, and go into more detail about the target areas and aims of each pose, with care to allow time for questions and adjustments. These classes in format are very much like standard yoga classes, but with a smaller number of poses and moving at a slower pace, and choosing the most accessible poses for absolute beginners.
The ABC courses are run differently to other classes, and is not included with monthly pass membership or attended casually, and are currently run on an -on demand basis with pre-commitment and dependent on minimum numbers - if you are interested in taking the ABC, drop us an email let us know what days and times are best for you, and we'll add it to the list of interested students, and when we reach quota (5+ students) we'll confirm best dates for all interested and ask for payment to confirm your attendance.

Prenatal Yoga Course
Next start dates: Sunday 18th February 2018 (6-7pm).
6 week course, paid in advance, $100.

A six week prenatal yoga course with each week being slightly different in terms of style and focus. Breathing and meditation techniques will also be used and related back to how they can assist in pregnancy and labour.

Pilates - 4 week intro course
Next start dates: Thursday 15th February 2018 (6-7pm).
4 week course, paid in advance, $50.

Four week course to learn the fundamental techniques of Pilates. A more dynamic practice but great complement to yoga, benefits of Pilates include improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, with a particular focus on core strength and improved coordination and balance.

Hatha Yoga
A basic Hatha class, good for beginners or intermediate, with emphasis on alignment and understanding the key functions of each pose.

Yin Yoga
Poses are generally held for 3-5 minutes to bypass the muscles and access the less mobile tissue layers in the body, such as the fascia, tendons, ligaments and joints. Yin Yoga is a deeper practice that aims to free up some of the tension that is often held in our less accessible tissues, helping to alleviate pain and stress in the body and mind. Suitable for all levels.

Yin Journey
This is a more interactive class with the emphasis on exploring themes and taking your mind to different places along a guided path. This class is maybe suited to those who need another focus to help their bodies relax more fully into long held poses that can be challenging. Suitable for all levels, beginners welcome.

Thai Yoga (Ruesi Datton)
Ruesi Datton is based on the same ancient Indian traditions of yoga, the practises having travelled to Thailand with Theravada Buddhism and revived in 17th century Thailand by King Rama III. This yoga tradition was kept alive mainly through the dedicated practise of a small number of forest monks and the famous Massage School at Wat Po, Bangkok, and is still a very little known style of yoga worldwide. Suitable for all levels, this style of yoga is slow paced and focuses on movement and synchronisation with the breath. This class is offered in a Beginner's Course and also casual classes.

Lunchtime Chill - all levels community class
Get out of the office and join this chilled out Hatha class that will focus on the essential of yoga, from key poses to breathwork. From week to week we'll mix it up with elements of slow flow and yin yoga, depending on our mood!
This class is a community class. Community classes are offered as a means of giving back to the community and a lower priced option for those who might not otherwise be able to afford the benefits of yoga or who can only attend a class occasionally. Suitable for all levels.

Gentle Yoga (beginner-friendly and pain-friendly!)
A very gentle class with a slow pace and mostly floor based poses with some standing, and more time spent on breathing and relaxation. Great if you are returning to yoga after injury, suffer from chronic pain, or just need a very careful and slow introduction. Especially suited to beginners.

Yin/Yang Yoga
If you like a bit of movement balanced with stillness, this combination of classic Hatha for the first half of class followed by deeper Yin poses to nourish your body and challenge your mind. Suited to all levels.

Yin/Yang Vinyasa Flow
A more active vinyasa flow at the start of class, combined with yin to balance in the second half of class. Suited for slightly more experienced beginners and beyond.

Goth yoga
- you thought it was just a parody video on YouTube, right? Wrong! They do Power Metal Yoga in Austin, Texas, so Melbourne seems the obvious choice for Goth Yoga. This class has a strong emphasis on the role of appropriate music and encourages requests - book online in advance and you'll have the option to ask for a favourite track - we don't guarantee that we will play it by we'll do our best! This monthly class is an all levels Hatha yoga class most suited to beginner & intermediate.

December 2, 2015