Goth yogis of the world, unite!

Got a bit of a surprise this evening when we discovered one of our literally just-posted posters in the window for next month's Goth Yoga class had gone viral. Expecting some extra visits as a result, so, bit of a recap for those just tuning in: Goth Yoga is a monthly class held every first Friday of the month, from 6pm to 7.15pm, in North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This class is ALL about the music, though there might be some different emphasis in poses too (think #moon instead of #sunsaluations, for a start!) - book online in advance and you'll have the option to ask for a favourite track to be included in class - we can't guarantee that we will play it but we'll do our best! As the studio is very small, if you're really keen, definitely book in advance to secure your spot.

We'll be dedicating our third monthly class to Siouxsie Sioux, legendary punk and goth maven, and incidentally, long time yogi! For the first time we're offering a flyer discount and also distributing physical flyers this month, which you might have seen if you were out at @hashtag_gothparty last night, or at Goth venues of retailers nearby. You can also show the flyer on your phone if you can't get hold of a physical one to get the discount!

Goth Yoga is an all levels Hatha yoga class and is VERY beginner friendly! So if you like your soundtrack for stretching a bit on the darker side, definitely don't miss this one.

March 25, 2016