New class! Ruesi Datton - ancient Thai Yoga

Ruesi Datton statue at Wat Po, Bangkok

Ruesi Datton statue at Wat Po, Bangkok

NEW CLASS: Ruesi Datton - Thai Yoga
Hi everyone! We're starting a wonderfully exciting new class, and we believe we may be the first studio in Australia to do so. Cass has returned from her latest trip to Thailand fresh from Wat Po, which is the premier massage school in Thailand. But her visit there was not to train in Thai massage - rather, to seek the lesser known but equally ancient art of Thai Yoga, aka Ruesi Datton, which is taught alongside Thai massage at this venerated temple.

A ruesi is a Thai forest monk or hermit, and datton means to stretch and self-massage one's own body (as opposed to massaging another). The specific yogic techniques are said to have been passed down from Jivaka, the physician of Gautama Buddha himself, and traveled to Thailand with the entry of the Buddhist religion anywhere as early as the 5th century AD. The known techniques were archivally gathered along with medical knowledge at Wat Po by King Rama I in the 17th century and held there with waxing and waning popularity until the present day, where it is still not widely known, and only has small followings internationally. The style draws many parallels with Thai massage, but all poses taught are individual practises performed by one person alone. Some poses have similarities with Tibetan yoga, but others seem to developed from more south east Asian origin.

This ancient Thai tradition of yoga focuses on the breath and flow of poses, a little bit more like a slow vinyasa than a classical hatha style, and features elements of self massage that are not at all present in Indian yoga. Some muscle groups that are largely neglected in classical yoga get more attention, so Thai yoga can balance and complement other yoga styles very effectively.

Cass was hugely excited to discover this style as she lived in Thailand as a teenager and speaks and reads the Thai language, with many many visits over the years to what she calls her second home - but never in all this time had Ruesi Datton been very visible, and it took some investigation to discover this still-practised ancient art sitting undiscovered virtually under her nose for decades. She is overjoyed to now be bringing it to Australia.

The first Thai yoga class will be taking place this Thursday at 6pm. The class will be 60 minutes, with some core positions featured most weeks, but a little variety from class to class. The class will be suitable for beginners but also of interest to more experienced practitioners, as many of the poses will be entirely unfamiliar in essence most would be beginners in this style regardless of yoga experience! If you want to make sure you don't miss it, you can book online.

September 5, 2016