August Goth Yoga - yin style with Cocteau Twins

For the coldest month of the year we're changing up Goth Yoga this month with a Cocteau Twins theme and a yin style class, more suited to the dreamy, ethereal music of this artists's classic contribution to alternative culture. Yin yoga is more suited to cooler temperatures as we focus on the connective tissue and ligaments which respond better than when that body is very warm, which focuses more activity to the muscles. Join us for a floating, stretching journey this coming Friday August 5th at 6pm.

August 1, 2016

Two weeks in - Goth Yoga first class this Friday & more classes soon!

First Ever Goth Yoga Feb 2016 in Melbourne

Hi everyone! Thought it was about time after two exciting weeks since our official opening, to get this blog off the ground!

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who's come to practise with us so far, it's been wonderful to meet lots of lovely local yogis and newbies too! We all hope you've enjoyed the first few classes, and really appreciate any feedback you might have or suggestions for improvements or requests!