Hi there!

Welcome to Tofu for Dolphins Yoga Studio! We are a small, community-focused yoga studio right at the doorstep of North Melbourne's Errol St precinct. With enough room for 10 students (maybe 12 at a pinch) per class, we focus on individual attention and care with our instruction to make sure you get the most benefit from your time and practise safely, especially if you are new to yoga.

December 10, 2015

New term & courses for 2018!

Hey all! We've been on holidays and are gearing up to start our terms for 2018! Check out our new courses coming up in the next couple of weeks, including our first time offering of pilates with Rachael at the very special introductory price of $50 for 4 weeks!

Absolute Beginners Course
Next start dates:
Hatha Yoga ABC for Beginners Monday 12 February 2018 (6.15pm-7.30pm)

February 1, 2018

Don't know your cat/cow from your down dog? Don't worry, we can help! Extra beginner's course starting Monday November 13th!

We didn't have as much interest as hoped for vinyasa/yin course on Mondays, so instead we're adding a beginner's course on a different night than usual as we're getting more enquries for beginners yoga currently! Hopefully this will be helpful to get your week off to a great start, with a full bottle on yoga just before Christmas!

$80 for a six week course of 75 minute classes! You can book as usual on our booking site. Meow!

November 2, 2017

New Hatha ABC and all-levels vinyasa courses starting soon!

Spring has well and truly sprung, with summer just around the corner! We have a couple of new courses starting - as our beginner's courses continue to be popular we're considering moving other classes across to the same model, so starting Tues October 17th and Mon October 30th we have the next Hatha Absolute Beginner's with Kara, and then Yin/Yang Vinyasa open level course with Sarah, both starting 6.15pm on their respective nights. Both are 6 weeks and $80 for the course, to help encourage you to really commit to your practise!

October 15, 2017

Our next Prenatal and ABC Hatha Courses starting soon!

prenatal yoga

Hi everyone!

Just letting you know our next courses are starting in the next few weeks - 30th July sees our next prenatal course scheduled to begin (Sundays, 4-5pm for 6 weeks, $100 for the course) and 8th August for our next Hatha Yoga Absolute Beginners Course (Tuesdays, 6.15pm-7.30pm, $80 for the course).

Book on our booking website here - just put the start date of the course in, and you will be able to book for the 6 week course you choose.

July 21, 2017

New class - FREE for International Day of Yoga this Wednesday!

We are launching a new morning class this week, and are offering it free to try out for International Yoga Day 2017!

June 19, 2017

New courses now bookable for April and May!

New courses!

We have a selection of new courses starting up in the next few weeks! 

April 5, 2017

Updates - new teacher, future plans!

Hey everyone! Things have been ticking along quietly at TfD, with both our recent ABC courses filling to capacity! (granted, our studio is tiny, but it's good to see it full!)

March 13, 2017

What is the difference between Hatha Yoga and Thai Yoga?

We received an email a few days ago asking us what was the difference between Hatha Yoga and Thai Yoga, and we realised that we hadn't made a post specifically about this, so we're putting this up here for those of you who might be thinking about signing up for one of our ABC courses or coming along to a casual yoga class but aren't sure what to expect!

The main differences between Hatha Yoga and Thai yoga lie in the breath, as well as the time and way poses are held.

February 6, 2017

New Absolute Beginner's Courses starting in February: Hatha ABC Level 1 AND 2, and Thai ABC starting too!

We're pleased to announce we are adding to our Beginner's Course offerings with not one but two new additions to our classic ABC course and finally have dates for February 2017! We are so sorry about the long delay to confirming dates with you but hopefully you are still keen to get on the mat with us!

January 30, 2017