about tofu for dolphins

Tofu for Dolphins is a small, approachable, body-positive yoga studio in North Melbourne, launched officially in January 2016.

The name comes from an episode of the TV show "Black Books" in which one of the characters, Fran, discovers yoga, but is quickly turned off by the overwhelming demands of her hippie health-obsessive friend Eva to give up absolutely everything she enjoys in life that might be even the tiniest bit "bad". We don't want you to feel like that!

The intention of Tofu for Dolphins is to stay mindful and accepting of the ebb and flow of being human, with an awareness that in trying to change ourselves and our habits completely in one fell swoop, the pressure is usually too much and we will more than likely fail. (See also "This Is Why I'll Never Be An Adult" by Allie Brosh.) We do understand that with regular, committed but small steps we can reform the habits of our bodies, thoughts and emotions to healthier patterns, but we also know that we will have times when we can't keep that up, and we need to forgive ourselves for those times, not beat ourselves up.

We know the majority of people who try yoga in a studio are beginners and are not going to continue without a positive and supportive environment where they feel comfortable and can be themselves, and there are quite a few folks out there who want to get (and stay) healthy through the enjoyable practise of regular movement, but may not feel a gym or a standard yoga studio "is them". They might feel that they "just aren't naturally flexible" or that "all that spirituality just isn't something that appeals", or perhaps "just don't feel comfortable in a yoga class, too self conscious"... If anything like this resonates with you - then you are who we are looking for.

Tofu for Dolphins is NOT part of the Yoga Industrial Complex. The studio is a small, simple space on a busy street and doesn't include far infra-red heating, waterfall showers or hair straighteners. We aren't trying to sell an experience that actually is looking to push all your addiction buttons and require you to drink the Kool Aid to benefit from your practise. We just want to encourage you to move your body a bit more than you would otherwise, at the same time encouraging your mind to still, stop wanting so much, and take a break from the crazy world just outside the door.

December 2, 2015