Class Prices

Please see below for different class prices and options. Most classes are offered on a casual basis, but the Absolute Beginner Courses are a 6 week block paid for in advance. Classes may be booked via our online booking system or just turn up and pay on the day. You can purchase class cards both in person and online, but classes for class cards purchased online can only be booked online, while classes with an in-class purchased class card can be booked online or in person. Memberships can only be purchased in class, but can be used both in class and for online booking in advance if preferred. All prices on this page are inclusive of GST if applicable, there are no extra fees or taxes charged.

New Students!
Trial membership - $50 for 1 month unlimited yoga
You can either just turn up at the studio (currently places are usually available) or book your first class online, in which case you will need to choose the "Trial Membership first class" payment option. You're also eligible for a bonus $20 discount off your first class pass or membership if purchased during the trial period (available for in class purchase only).

We also all have a very limited number of "Foundation Memberships" to reward some of our committed early adopters - with this option you can continue your Trial Membership indefinitely as long as it remains active uninterrupted, at the same ridiculously low $50 per month, ongoing. Ask your teacher when your Trial Membership period is coming to an end and they can tell you if there are still any available.

Casual Classes

Standard classes: $20
Community classes: $10

Class Passes

5 class pass $ 85 ( = $17 per class, valid 3 months )
10 class pass $150 ( = $15 per class, valid 6 months )
20 class pass $280 ( = $14 per class, valid 9 months )

Absolute Beginners - 6 week course
Get a really great start to your yoga practise if you've never done yoga before, or are super-rusty. This course offers great value for a solid introduction, at $50 for a 6 week commitment. We are running absolute beginners on a on-demand basis currently, so please email us to let us know your preferred / available times and when we reach quota we'll start a new 6 week course.

Class Memberships

Memberships must be purchased in-class, but after the first class, may be booked online. You will be emailed a code which is used to book all classes under your membership period if you wish to book online.

Unlimited 1 month membership $120 ($ approx 30 pw) *
Unlimited 3 month membership $300 ($ approx 25 pw) *
Unlimited 6 month membership $500 ($ approx 20 pw) *

* Includes all classes PLUS unlimited self-practise)

Self Practise Memberships

If you are already an experienced yoga practitioner, but are looking for an accessible, comfortably equipped studio space where you can self practise regularly, we offer key-coded access to the studio when classes are not scheduled for an unbelievably reasonable $2 per session. To join as a self practise member you must pre-pay $50 (25 sessions) for us to set up your membership and code access.

Back-to-Back Discount

Just finished an awesome class but feel like just a little bit more yoga would really hit the spot? If there are spaces in the next class, you may add-on the second class immediately after an attended class for only $10. The B2B Discount is subject to availability and is payable in-class only, and cannot be booked online.

Student / Concession Discount

We offer a 25% discount on all of the above options (except community classes which are already heavily discounted) upon presentation of a valid Australian student or concession card, but these can be accepted only for in class payment, not online payment. If you wish to book online but at the concession rate, you cannot do that for your first class but you can purchase a class pass or membership in person and we will email you a code to use for subsequent classes to book online if you would prefer to book that way.

December 28, 2015