Music is one thing you can generally expect at a yoga class. For some people, it's not a big part of the experience, but for others, it's crucial - and for TFD, hopefully the music will be one thing you'll find memorable!

For most classes, you will find music by Desert Dwellers. In searching for music for yoga classes, it took some time and a lot of listening before I came across these guys, and I couldn't find anything I enjoyed so much and felt was diverse enough to cycle through without getting bored! These guys take influences from a bunch of Eastern and world musical traditions and fuse them with more modern dub/electronic influences and cues, for a flowing and rhythmic musical journey which I find really assists with mindset and eases into a more meditative state. We have a direct licensing agreement to play their music for our classes, and we encourage you, if you've come to classes and enjoy the music, to please check them out over on Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

For one class, we will also have very specifically curated music for Goth Yoga - first Friday of each month. For this class you can even request tracks and see how we match poses and mood, just drop us an email after you book!

Some teachers may bring their own music too, but this is what you will mainly hear!

January 16, 2016