New class! Ruesi Datton - ancient Thai Yoga

Ruesi Datton statue at Wat Po, Bangkok

Ruesi Datton statue at Wat Po, Bangkok

NEW CLASS: Ruesi Datton - Thai Yoga
Hi everyone! We're starting a wonderfully exciting new class, and we believe we may be the first studio in Australia to do so. Cass has returned from her latest trip to Thailand fresh from Wat Po, which is the premier massage school in Thailand. But her visit there was not to train in Thai massage - rather, to seek the lesser known but equally ancient art of Thai Yoga, aka Ruesi Datton, which is taught alongside Thai massage at this venerated temple.

September 5, 2016

Spring time is almost here - announcing TFD will be returning to Burning Seed this year! Plus New Order theme for GY this month :)

Hello folks!

It's sure been a cold few months - except for the days that haven't been (like that warmest August night on record) and we've seen the studio quieten down quite a bit during the winter, as expected.

August 25, 2016

August Goth Yoga - yin style with Cocteau Twins

For the coldest month of the year we're changing up Goth Yoga this month with a Cocteau Twins theme and a yin style class, more suited to the dreamy, ethereal music of this artists's classic contribution to alternative culture. Yin yoga is more suited to cooler temperatures as we focus on the connective tissue and ligaments which respond better than when that body is very warm, which focuses more activity to the muscles. Join us for a floating, stretching journey this coming Friday August 5th at 6pm.

August 1, 2016

Stop Press! Special event for the School Holidays - Kids Yoga on Thursday July 7!

We've had a suggestion from one of our regulars that kids yoga for the holidays would be a great thing, so we're giving it a try! For a special one off session this Thursday July 7th from 11am-12pm Rachael will be holding this special event, bring your little ones and get them excited about the fun of yoga! This class is aimed at ages 6-10 but kids a little outside this age group are also welcome, the class will be aimed mostly at this age group though. If successful we will do it again next school holidays! Come down and get stretchy, kids!

July 1, 2016

Goth Yoga for July - Nick Cave!

Hot on the heels of the announcement of new classes and a lovely new teacher, we bring you Goth Yoga for July - this month's theme of Nick Cave is one which has previously seen a yoga focus, with a couple of classes last year held in Finland - we agree that Nick Cave is definitely yoga friendly! You can book online, or just turn up on the evening, as the winter chill is seeing numbers drop slightly.

June 26, 2016

New teacher - meet Sarah! With new classes, plus some schedule changes :)


Things have been chuffing along here at TFD, as we turn the heating on for a little longer and snuggle under our blankets a little more for savasana, heading into winter. The shortest day of the year has visited us yesterday, and now we can look forward to a little bit more daylight as each day lengthens once more.

June 23, 2016

Goth yoga for June - Gary Numan special!

It's getting close to a new month, and that means closer to our next Goth Yoga class! We're featuring Gary Numan for the June class, and there is more to him than just Cars - not that you ever hear anything else in a club, right? One of the best things about Goth Yoga is we get to play a bunch of tracks by artists that just never get heard in clubs because they aren't dance floor friendly - yoga friendly is an entirely different thing! Also, did you know Gary Numan also used to be a stunt pilot? Obviously someone who's very used to being upside down =)

May 26, 2016

And now for something completely different.

(well, slightly different... I can slip yoga in anywhere!)

So you might have heard,  there's an election happening on July 2.

May 10, 2016

Your own Personal Guru?

It's a new month! And that means it's GOTH YOGA this Friday!

This month's theme is one of the mainstay bands of any Goth club, the ever-dancefloor-filling DEPECHE MODE. Our flyer this month features a still from a DM concert which itself features appropriately contortionist images, hah! Come down at 6pm Friday 6th May for a 75 minute session filled with your favourite DM tracks (amongst others of course) and lots of stretchy goodness! Present flyer either printed or on your phone, for discount entry!

May 3, 2016

New trial membership offering - 1 month for $50!

Tofu for Dolphins Poster

We've had some feedback from students during our first fledgling months, and based on this feedback we are changing our trial membership offering! A number of students have told us they haven't felt the 10 days was enough time to experience a range of classes and to begin to develop a consistent yoga practise or "get back in the habit". Thus we are changing from $20 for a 10 day trial ($2 per day), to $50 for a 1 month trial (only $1.60 per day, and so many more of them!)

April 28, 2016